some music i love

Midtown Dickens’ new album Home is a must have. It is their third album. When I watched the video featured on their webpage (“Only Brother” – the song they got the song of the day for in NPR), I thought, “They give their lives for their music, that’s why they’re making it.” I am so happy these guys are my friends. I so, so wish I could go to their CD release on Saturday, but it’s okay, I’m making musician friends here in Scotland.

Alabama Shakes are another recent inspiration. I am intrigued by their story. Brittany Howard met her band members in high school. She’s only 23. They got popular based on a 4-song EP. I have a 4-song EP. I find “Hold On” really inspiring. This week, it’s been my motivating YouTube video that helps me get out of bed on these cold Scottish days and do all the stuff I’m supposed to do while it rains and ices and whatever else the sky here decides to do.


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