Recycled art exhibition & open studios day

It was an intense art weekend for me, but many things came together in my artistic practice. I am thrilled with the results.

Here are some photos of my work:



















It was also a good weekend for putting art and music together. I played on Friday night at the exhibition, and the final photo is me playing in my studio. It was great to have people’s reactions to my work. One man read my poetry book from last year and laughed aloud at several of the poems. The more I practice as an artist, the more I lean towards humour, using writing, and working with musicians.

It may be difficult to tell from the photos, but on the disks I wrote things that may disappear in our lifetime or that we may miss when we’re older. It was a wonderful few weeks of reflection because floppy disks only ceased production in 2011. I miss them.

I am already starting to think about future projects and in the midst of several involving poetry and graphic design.

It was incredible as well to see what else was going on in the building. I met lots of inspiring people throughout the weekend. So happy to be a part of it all!


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