I had an experience this week that I wish I had discovered before I was in my 30s. A discovery up there with breaded and fried avocados. (Look up avocado tacos–your life will be changed).

I went running in the meadows and was stretching by a tree near the whale’s jawbone, which is a major entrance. I was touching my toes and was upside down with my eyes open.

I saw a man walking and thought, “What a fascinating walk he has!” I wondered if others noticed how he bounced when he walked. It appeared as if he was also gliding like he was ice skating.

A few seconds later, a group of about 12 people came across. They all had this same bouncing gait! I put myself upright and noticed that they all walked “normally” from my usual perspective.

Resuming my run, I thanked God for the ability to walk and run. I was only partially aware what a beautiful miraculous gift walking is. I highly recommend you take a moment to watch people walking while you’re upside down. Free, natural installation art.


vintage singsong

After doing a few album covers and a website background, I thought it would be a good idea to exhibit the works alongside some vintage-style paintings at a local cafe (Tea at 94 is almost a year old here in Edinburgh).

One of my musician friends thought the musicians should play at the opening and keep their albums for sale in the cafe, which went very well. All of the musicians enjoyed the experience and some musicians who didn’t previously know one another met.

While America was getting ready to elect our president, I ate cake and listened to great music with 17 of my own works surrounding me. This is the largest body of works I’ve ever exhibited, and thus far, the most paintings I’ve sold at once.

I am also happy with the way these paintings turned out and am proud of every one of them.

If you live in Edinburgh, take a moment to pop by the cafe. The exhibition runs until 30 November. I’ll post the remaining works on the ‘Buy Stuff’ page after I take the works down.