I had an experience this week that I wish I had discovered before I was in my 30s. A discovery up there with breaded and fried avocados. (Look up avocado tacos–your life will be changed).

I went running in the meadows and was stretching by a tree near the whale’s jawbone, which is a major entrance. I was touching my toes and was upside down with my eyes open.

I saw a man walking and thought, “What a fascinating walk he has!” I wondered if others noticed how he bounced when he walked. It appeared as if he was also gliding like he was ice skating.

A few seconds later, a group of about 12 people came across. They all had this same bouncing gait! I put myself upright and noticed that they all walked “normally” from my usual perspective.

Resuming my run, I thanked God for the ability to walk and run. I was only partially aware what a beautiful miraculous gift walking is. I highly recommend you take a moment to watch people walking while you’re upside down. Free, natural installation art.


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