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How to spend money in the right places

I found out Wednesday eve (at a poetry reading) that it’s National Poetry Month, and I should have been writing a poem a day. Maybe I’ll have a chance to do 4 poems tomorrow at writing group.

It’s been a while since I’ve done a list, so tonight’s post will count as my first “poem” of this month. Tough topic, but if you see saving money as an adventure, which forces creativity, it will make you feel better that you don’t have a lot of it.

How to spend money in the right places
1. Cut your own hair
. This is also fun, less time consuming, and you can have haircuts more often. I’ve been doing this over a year now; wish I had started sooner. Well, I did try this as a kid (a friend’s hair too). Mom was furious.
2. Wash your hair every few days instead of every day. I haven’t checked, but I probably set records for how long I can make a bottle of shampoo last. I have had the same conditioner bottle for over 2 years now (I condition probably only twice/week as a result of not washing my hair as often). It’s probably got the rest of the year left in it. You only need to wash near your scalp. Several friends use dry shampoo between washes. They found out that baby powder is cheaper and works the same.
3. You don’t need face wash. Normal soap or lotion works just as well. Use water and lotion. It’s the best. Give your face time to adjust.
4. Don’t carry cash. Some people say carrying around cash helps you “see” how much money you spend, therefore you spend less. I find carrying around cash makes me want to spend it–and fast.
5. Be amused by simple things. Do I need to go to 3 events in one evening? Do I need to hear music and drink at the same time? Drinking is expensive anyway.
6. Wear your clothes over and over again. Be satisfied with a few nice things. If you often have days like I do where you don’t see the same people twice (or even if you do), wear the same outfit a few days in a row. Your clothes don’t wear out as fast if you wash them less often.
7. Get a bicycle, especially if you live in Edinburgh and the bus prices keep going up. Walking is also great. I save so much money not having a car.
8. Find vouchers. I have used Tesco clubcard points for bus fares to Glasgow, the whiskey experience, camera obscura, and free films.
9. Have friends who use money similar to the way you do. I hang out with friends who spend money on gigs, recording and instruments, which are the things I spend money on as well. Even if I can’t buy as much as they do or eat out as often, they don’t make me feel bad about it.
10. Do splurge at times. Allow yourself to eat out. It’ll feel more special when you get to do it. You can’t deprive yourself all the time, or you’ll start resenting that you’re alive. Spend money where you feel it’s worth it. I think, “Can I cook that at home?” If I can make it, I generally won’t buy it.

I also freeze my coffee, tutor guitar, and take on graphic design projects as they come. When I make money from art (selling a painting or playing a gig), I tend to put it right back into art. Rock and roll.